spring is in the air = Let's Celebrate

How will you be celebrating Certified Nurses Day?



07-17-2016 11:09 AM

During Nurses week 2016 the Virginia Association of Rehab Nurses was represented at the Richmond VA Medical Center. We set up a table with information about membership, the upcoming ARN Conference in Philadelphia and our state conference we have coming up in November. Our members are quick to share with others about certification. Several members participated by talking with employees about the table materials as they walked by and picked up their lunch. Thanks to members Tawanna Smith, Ken Mesick, Tracy Meyer and Barbara Bauserman.

04-09-2016 09:39 AM

2016 Certified Nurses Day seemed quiet around the world this year. Our facility had a small program with a cake and certificate for those who are certified. One thing that happens every year someone is overlooked. Who maintains the list or how do the certified nurses in the places you work get recognized on March 19th each year?

04-03-2015 07:08 PM

At the Richmond VA Medical Center we celebrated our certified nurses with an educational presentation. The speaker was not a nurse but a Physical Therapy Assistant, Mary Delgado-Medina. Her passion is about caring for you - the care giver. It was refreshing to be reminded to drink more water, meditate, eat well, sleep well and de-stress. Our nurses were honored by a large poster that listed the specialty and the nurses names under each. The CRRN's won for the largest group represented at our hospital. This was my goal as I joined the team there and it fills me with a sense of purpose.