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Five Great Reasons to Love the New ARN Member Circle

I must first say that I am not known for being a "techy" person. I am a Baby Boomer and a Grandma, so new things like this platform are a bit intimidating. However, having just explored our cool Member Circle, here are 5 great reasons to love it:

1) It is easy! I created a profile in a matter of minutes. You can learn so much more about each other because everything is right at your fingertips. The platform is a lot like LinkedIn, but just for us. I am thrilled to see so many features such as being able to spell check, italicize, bold, cut and paste...I know I've not even tried all the neat options yet.

2) You can use your LinkedIn information and it transfers right over into your profile! This was an awesome feature and a great timesaver. There are so many automatic features to explore.

3) This Member Circle is the place to be for rehab nursing. I feel like I went from old fashioned email on the list-serv (which was great at the time) to hanging out with ARN friends in a posh lounge for dinner. Ha. It reminds me of being part of an exclusive country club or something. Even my teenagers would think this is awesome.

4) The circle makes connecting more informative and fun. There are many places and different ways to connect with each other now. We can blog, post discussions, read bios and profiles, have our own communities, etc... the SIG groups could really use this to stay connected. Having information about each other on a more detailed level could lead to many other contacts and professional relationships as well. I'm excited to see where this will go.

5) The ARN Member Circle brings us into the present day of technology. The ARN Board of Directors has talked often about needing to attract younger nurses into our specialty and our organization. This new platform is much more in touch with the current technology and gives us many tools at our fingertips. While I've only begun to explore it, I can see myself visiting this site frequently. I hope that all of you will too!


Your ARN President

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02-08-2014 09:38 AM

Very true! I'm so used to listservs that I never wandered over to check this out, but it is pretty seamless and painless. I highly recommend it!