ARN in Washington DC


The Board of Directors just returned from a productive weekend in Washington D.C. We met on Thursday to lobby on the Hill and meet with elected officials and their staff about important funding related to rehabilitation and nursing. Your Board of Directors, with help from our friends at The District Policy Group (thanks to Jeremy and team!), were able to meet with nearly 20 officials and discuss funding for TBI, nursing workforce development, and other important legislation that affects rehabilitation nursing. It was great to see how ARN is now being recognized and remembered for our advocacy for those with disabilities as well as promoting funding for research and education related to our mission. Many legislative assistants and congressmen were interested in our opinions on matters related to nursing or the bills they have in process. Then, on Friday we had our Spring meeting for the Board of Directors and discussed the strategic plan and future directions for ARN. I am pleased to share with Member Circle that ARN is a financially healthy, thriving organization! The expertise of our members is being sought after by many groups who want to collaborate with us, including international connections. This is truly an exciting time to be a part of ARN. I encourage everyone to get involved and be sure to encourage your peers and colleagues to come to the conference in Anaheim in October. It's going to be a great 40th anniversary for ARN!