Voting is your Voice

Some of you may be too young, but as a child of the 60's, I am acutely aware that the right for all to vote only came about during my lifetime. I remember my parents working on efforts to help make voting in the south a reality.  That's why voting in any election, be it local, national, or even our nursing organization's election is so important to me. Voting is a powerful tool. It allows me to have a voice by way of my representation. It's not a friendship or popularity contest. It is serious business. So, don't waste your vote by not voting for the best representative, the person who demonstrates their steadfast commitment to the causes that we all care about, who would offer a diverse view, who has demonstrated their commitment to ARN through years of service in multiple capacities and has demonstrated their abilities in leadership. So, use your voice, consider your choices thoughtfully, and VOTE in the current ARN election.