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Why are we Rehab nurses?

Why are we rehab nurses?  We started out on our unit with almost 90% of our patients being the easy ortho patients and have slowly gone to having more neuro patients.  Now we have almost 50% of our patients that are neuro patients.  I used to love the easy ortho patients.  As times have changed so have I.  Now what really makes my day is seeing the miracle of a CVA patient lifting their hand or moving their fingers for the first time, that GBS patient come in flat on their back and being discharged walking and being able to show that spinal cord injury patient that there is still a life out there for them. Recently I had one of my cord injury patients come back and show me how he could now lift his leg.  I don't know who was more proud him or me.  I can't wait for him to come back and show me that he is walking.
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12-31-2017 07:21 AM

  1. Beautifully worded!  This is Exactly why I am returning to the field of rehabilitation Nursing. After 13 years in the field I ventured off into other nursing settings but after truly missed it. It has been 10 years and now so excited to begin my new employment in acute rehabilitation January 3rd.