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Anybody thinking about going to the Anual ARN Conference?

If you are new and have never attended an ARN conference you should really think about going.  It is a lot of fun and you meet people in the same field of nursing you are in. Its fun to talk to other nurses and get their perspective on what's going on in rehab.  You find out that they have the same issues you have on your unit. I love the venders too.  They have all kinds of neat new products and give you samples. Its like trick or treat for rehab nurses.  I always come back with a back full of new products to show the nurses on my unit.  You also get a lot of CEUs that come in handy when you renew your CRRN. I always learn so much that helps keep my rehab skills up to date.  This year it's at Disneyland so its got to be fun.
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08-22-2016 05:24 PM

I would love to go to a conference but it will have to wait for next year. I have worked as an acute Rehab Nurse in the past but now am working as the Restorative Coordinator for the CLC at the Phoenix VA. I have a lot of ideas to increase staff participation and understanding of Restorative Nursing Principles but could use more "ammo" to coin a term.