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Different Types of Essays in Academic writing 

Essays take up an important part of academic writing. They are used not only to teach students how to write formally but also allows them to advance their critical and analytical thinking and writing skills. Moreover, essays also are a medium to allow the instructors to test the students on their understanding of a particular topic or the course as a whole. Essays are therefore more common in higher education where the student is tasked with essay writer for various courses in various disciplines.

There are various types of essays that you will task to write, and it is important that you get acquainted with each of the different types.

Descriptive essays

Descriptive essays test your ability to describe places, people, and things. Description essays test your grasp of creative writing, where you help your reader picture the scenery and the sense the several sensations that their mind can pick up through the writing. The description of write my essay doesn’t need to be a story and doesn’t have to be out of any personal experience. The point of descriptive essays is to help you master the ability to evoke various sensations in your reader through your words, and help you learn how to effectively communicate visual and other sensory scenes.

Narrative essays

Narrative essays are purely creative writing. The narrative essay reads like a short story, with a proper ending. These essays can be the stuff of fiction or can be generated through personal experiences. The latter essays are specifically known as personal narratives. In narrative essays, you will follow the same techniques as the short story, including the story arch, the story plot, and the various other creative writing elements in a story. 

The story arc will allow the writer to present the problem the character or the writer faces, and use it as the shooting point for the story. It will then lead to a rising action as the character deals with the problem, reaching the climax where the outcomes of the struggle will be decided. The outcome whether positive or negative will cause the action to wind down and reach a conclusion for the story at the end.

Expository essay

Expository essays can be essays on their own or can be part of other essays. These essay writing service are purely analytical and evaluative that help you classify topics and explore their relationships.

The compare & contrast essay and the cause & effect essays are the most common expository essays; where the former focuses on pointing out various similarities and differences between subjects and within components of the subjects, the latter focuses on finding the causal relations between either the causes leading to an effect or a cause leading to several effects. 

There are other types of expositions such as classification, definition, process, etc. 

Argumentative essays

Argumentation is an important skill that every student needs to learn and perfect especially those aspiring to be academics and scholars. The free essays allow you to take on various subjects and arguments by either presenting your own argumentation from the various premises to the conclusion or by evaluating and analyzing other arguments for their flaws and room for improvements and providing your own critical input.

Either way, you will learn how to support your thesis by providing strong logic in your inferences and guiding the reader from the premise successfully to the conclusion. It is important that you provide your reader with strong scholarly evidence that is valid as well as from an expert source. Furthermore, you should always try to be open for refutations to your arguments and try to make your argument fool-proof by brainstorming all the possible counters to your arguments in advance and making changes to your argument in specific parts or as a whole.