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Benefits of sudoku on the brain, according to science

The numbers that we must place in the sudoku puzzle awaken the action of the neurons and force us to concentrate and remember. Discover the benefits that this game has.

Benefits of sudoku on the brain, according to science

Web Sudoku is a highly complex mental game and behind the location of the numbers there is a great effort that represents, in turn, benefits in the brain. This has been proven by science. It seems to have its origin in the United States, but it became popular after its arrival in Japan.

This game consists of filling in a 9 by 9 cell grid which, in turn, is divided into 3 by 3 sub-grids with numbers from 1 to 9. In some boxes there are numbers that are known as given numbers or clues. Playing it is very easy, although there are sudokus of different difficulties.

Although it is a number-based entertainment, you do not need to be the most gifted in the world in math skills to start practicing it. It is very entertaining and by practicing it you begin to train skills.

Patience is essential because completing a single game can take a long time. However, stay calm, as practice makes perfect, so by rehearsing you can do it faster and faster.

Skills practiced in sudoku

By playing sudoku you will get benefits for your brain and you will also train skills that you already have. You can also buy some new ones. Some of them are perception, memory, logic and coordination.

Studies on the application of mathematics in these types of games indicate that among the skills that are required are ingenuity, imagination and patience. Therefore, with the practice of Sudoku you will learn to handle stressful situations. Therefore, it is advisable to start with those of low complexity.

Potential Health Benefits of Sudoku

Solving sudoku brings multiple health benefits, especially for the brain. Here we show you how this game has a positive impact.

Brain gets stronger by playing sudoku.

Sudoku brings benefits to the brain, as it stimulates logic, memory and patience.

Stimulates logical thinking

Logical thinking is the ability we have to understand what surrounds us, the relationships or differences between actions, objects or events. We know this thanks to analysis, understanding, abstraction and imagination.

According to some studies, games like Sudoku hide curious math problems that stimulate logical thinking and mathematical logical thinking, specifically.

Encourage quick thinking

Once you start to complete sudokus from low to high complexity, you realize that with the passage of time and thanks to the analysis and abstraction that you put into practice, you can complete them faster and faster. This is what fast thinking refers to, which will be stimulated and will increase.

Improves concentration

Online Sudoku requires various skills. Among these we find concentration, which is almost an indispensable requirement to be able to complete the game successfully. You will avoid duplicating the numbers or placing them incorrectly.

His contribution in this regard is such that research has shown that Sudoku is one of the recreational-pedagogical activities that are practiced in classrooms with the aim of increasing the attention and concentration of students.

You develop problem-solving skills

When you start playing sudoku at the beginner stage, you realize that it can be a bit tedious and frustrating, either because it takes time to complete them or because you have not yet developed all your skills. In that process, you learn to more firmly develop your ability to solve problems.

Science has proven, from different points of view, that mathematics and didactic games based on numbers contribute to increasing this ability.

Increases the quality of cognitive function

Many factors can affect the quality of cognitive function, especially old age. A study that sampled adults between the ages of 50 and 93 found that frequently practicing number puzzles such as Sudoku has a close relationship with the quality of cognitive function in this population.

Avoid stress

Stress is considered an overexertion that manifests itself on a physical and emotional level and that can be due to demands of a psychological nature. It affects health in many ways. Studies have indicated that it can alter the processes of plasticity and neurogenesis.

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