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Improvement Bedroom 

All rooms of the house, one room can arrange to maximize spacing, sometimes get little, both in terms of time and money to the desired result. Simply move all unnecessary things and focus on what we are often more space, platform beds, and cupboards!

Here are some tips to get a larger room, airy and spacious more … While maintaining square! Reduce the size of the bed, of course, is a king-size bed, but you really need it? Consider the space occupied by the bed and try to represent all the gain of free space on a bed: it is your answer! Remove bulky furniture, drawers, cupboards are comfortable and very useful for storing all your data but have the disadvantage of the room.

Fortunately, there are solutions that offer the same quantity of space without valuable square meters, including drawers under the bed! Of course, do not offer the same comfort, rather than in a drawer, but the reward offer as free space is priceless! To remove bulky furniture can also increase the natural light that illuminates your room, what the impression of more space, sofa bed, and bedding.

All these types of beds have the advantage of being able to hide or conceal other means, which reduces the footprint. In addition, greater functionality, such as sit, for example in the situation, even with the couch or a motive to get extra folding beds with a desk or a table in the back as an offer to another bed, there are more, so that the middle of the room. Of course, each morning the contact for one and a half minute to lose to make, but worth it in terms of space saved.

Would you prefer to allow the vertical space and mobile cabinets that you maximize the vertical distance (up to the ceiling), rather than horizontally? The more we put in the closet, unless you put extra furniture in the room, taking up valuable space. The walls of a room for a more intelligent way to straighten shelves to be, mirrors and cabinets store all your business.

Eliminate or reduce the frequency of technology that takes up much space in the bedroom have TVs and related technologies can be stacked on a cart. Behold, all things that should be moved, preferably in the room, or if you cannot do without the TV opposite the bed, go for good flatness for direct mounting on the wall.

The choice of multi-functional furniture in a bed with drawers underneath, and has a head to sit on library shelves and a function within a further period of three important characteristics. If you set your bed (or a piece of furniture in the room) must be so large that at least saves space on other fronts: the use of space … Else! Try to find elsewhere in the source area, instead of with the room. Forts to regulate in the hallway, cabinets, and countertops places, such as seasonal clothing.

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